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Many organisations have to expand internationally for their long-term sustainability. They have to adapt their products and services to the new market, fulfill local legal requirements, develop new pricing structures and enter strategic partnerships. Marketing and sales material is adapted and resources with foreign language abilities are employed to deal with the local customers. Our team focuses on raising awareness of different needs in new markets, builds knowledge within your organisation and equips your staff with skills to ensure a smooth transition.   


Intercultural Training

We can deliver short courses or develop a bespoke programme for your organisation's needs. Training and coaching focuses for example on team building, supporting individuals and their families with their international relocation or working with your international sales and marketing team. They will build their cultural awareness, gain new knowledge and develop intercultural skills, which in turn leads to improved communication, increased effectiveness and stronger business relationships. 


International Expansion

The UK and Germany are the two countries where we have assisted clients directly with their business set-up and expansion. Our services include initial market observation/research, marketing and pre-sales activities, introduction to the business network, registering of a company, finding office premises, staff relocation to the UK and human resources/recruitment support.


Business Language: German and English

We develop tailored business language training for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers of German and English. This is combined with some aspects of intercultural training to provide more insight for example into values, communication styles, use of humour and current affairs. When working internationally, English as the world’s business language, can also present itself as a challenge, as certain words, phrases or expressions are not known around the globe and accents need to be toned down so that people are understood by non-native English speakers. 

Exporting into new markets, working with an international supply chain and partners, transferring staff to overseas divisions, managing a multi-cultural team in various locations.


All this represents challenges to companies. Lexica Communications can helpyou identify areas for development and deliver training and coaching to your staff.

Marketing Communications & Intercultural Skills Development

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